Dennis Duffy (Dean Winters) Will Return To ’30 Rock’ For Its Final Season

    Listen up, dummies! The Beeper King is back in town. Dennis Duffy (Dean Winters, whom you may also know as “Mayhem” in the Allstate Insurance commercials) is returning to NBC’s 30 Rock for its final season.

    Dennis is Liz Lemon’s (Tina Fey) “love to hate him” (or “hate to love him”?) ex-boyfriend with whom she has fallen back into a relationship time and time again over the course of the series. He has horrible business ideas and is an all-around terrible boyfriend. But he’s hilarious and weirdly lovable, so this is great news for a lot of fans.

    According to Vulture, Winters will appear in the seventh episode of the season, airing Nov. 29, titled “Mazel Tov, Dummies!”

    30 Rock likes to bring back beloved characters for milestone episodes. The show’s 100th episode was an excellent example. Valentine’s Day episodes also provide an excellent opportunity to bring back Liz’s ex-boyfriends, including Dennis, Drew (Jon Hamm) and Floyd (Jason Sudeikis). So it makes sense that the series would welcome back some iconic guest stars for its farewell season.

    30 Rock fans don’t have to wait until Nov. 29 for a new episode. A new 30 Rock airs this Thursday night on NBC.