Demos Of David Byrne And Brian Eno’s ‘My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts’ Surface

    In 1981 Brian Eno and David Byrne teamed up to release My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, which remains one of the most talked-about albums in their respective canons. The record got a deluxe reissue in 2006 on the 25th anniversary of its release, although it appears that some material remained on the cutting room floor. My Wall of Tapes has uncovered a demo version of the album, apparently acquired by the writer of a post on the blog after they stayed with Byrne in 1981. Here’s a quote that offers some insight into how this has surfaced:

    i am putting my life in order& getting rid of clutter

    my health worries me and i dont want storage wars to rummage & destroy 


    so when i was going to the thousands of cassettes i recorded in my active tapeing years i found this

    it is a pre release version of david byrnes first solo album, which was given me by david ,when i stayed at his place in alfabet city, in 1981,i distinctly remember that there were two ukrainian funeral homes in the street.

    You can head over here to download the demos, which have been split across two separate links. Eno and Byrne’s legal people may find their spider-sense twitching today, so do it sooner rather than later. [via FACT]