Democrats Have ‘Broader Music Tastes’ Than Republicans

    In another “how did they get funding for this” study, researchers have found that Democrats have “broader music tastes” than Republicans. Using “taste profile” data (the same that powers Spotify and MOG), Brian Whitman of music analysis firm Echo Nest concluded that Democrats’ musical tastes are 40 percent broader than Republicans in terms of genre or style.

    Also, Whitman discovered that certain artists correlate to certain political parties, news that probably wouldn’t surprise anyone. Of the top ten “artists whose fans are most likely Republican,” seven could be described as country, but oddly enough Pink Floyd makes the list. Actually, come to think of it, The Wall does sound like nefarious Big Government at work.

    “Artists whose fans are most likely Democrat” tend to be pop, dance, and hip-hop like Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Madonna. The most interesting list though is the middle-of-the-road one, where it’s almost impossible to predict what party affiliation the artist’s fans will take. You’ve got old rock mainstays like the Beatles and the Stones, but metal acts like Marilyn Manson and Pantera also have pretty divided fan bases. Thus, an alternate question arises from the study: is more metal needed to heal this country’s fractured political psyche? [Daily Swarm/Brian Whitman]