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Deerhunter Reveals 'Halcyon Digest' Tracklist, Artwork

Until now, all we knew about Deerhunter's upcoming fourth album Halcyon Digest was that it's being released by 4AD on Sept. 28, and that the band wanted you (yes, you) to print out a promotional poster and hang it somewhere in public. Today, the band released the tracklist and album art to those who actually took the time to go the poster route. Predictably, both bits of information made it to the greater internet community, and are now available for everyone too lazy to hang up a poster to see.


Halcyon Digest tracklist:


01. Earthquake

02. Don't Cry

03. Revival

04. Sailing

05. Memory Boy

06. Desire Lines

07. Basement Scene

08. Helicopter

09. Fountain Stairs

10. Coronado

11. He Would Have Laughed



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