Deerhoof Wants to Rock With You — On the Internet

    Here’s an excerpt from the conversation I just invented to help illustrate a point:


    Person 1: “What are your plans for the day?”


     Person 2: “I have to work, then stop by the bank. After that I’ll probably just go home and join that band Deerhoof.”


    Whaaaa!, you say. Don’t worry, there is an explanation. See, Satomi, Greg, John, and the new second guitarist have uploaded the score for their song “Buck and Judy,” from last year’s full-length release, Offend Maggie, asking fans to record a track – guitar, bass, drums, whatever u like, really – and upload it to Contributors can then download the massive rough mix and have at it, home studio style – all with the bona fide Deerhoof stamp of approval.


    Personally, I’m thrilled: I no longer have to tell people that I used to be in a band but we only played a few shows, and, no, we don’t have any decent recordings but our Myspace is still worth a look. Instead, I’ll put on The Runners Four and smile. [Indaba]