Deerhoof To Collaborate With Konono Nº1, Reissue LPs On Vinyl

    For the .02% of you who feverishly keep up on what is hot on the World Music charts, you may have been inclined to check out a compilation titled “Tradi Mods vs. Rockers” featuring a number of western artists reinterpreting the songs of Congotronics. One of the best tracks on the compilation was Deerhoof’s funky reworking of Kasai Allstars’ “Travel Broadens the Mind.”

    Apparently, the SF-based group enjoyed exercising their afro-rhythmic roots that they are planning to collaborate with Konono Nº1 and Kasai Allstars later this year. As drummer Greg Saunier explained to Canada’s Exclaim!:


    “We’ve also got a big collaboration thing planned for this year that’s super exciting; I don’t even know if I’m allowed to talk about it yet. It’s very likely that there’s going to be a large collaborative group that will include the members of Deerhoof, as well as members of Konono No.1 and Kasai Allstars, that will hopefully be doing some large festival shows in the summer of 2011.”


    In addition to the collaborative work, Saunier also went on to state in the interview that Deerhoof is also planning on reissuing their a number of their older albums on vinyl, many which are out of print.