Deerhoof Records Song In One Day With “Fear Of A Black Planet” Engineer

    Whether it’s in the form of their extremely niche and creative take on noise rock, or the dozens of sporadic short form releases, in addition to a long line of full-length albums, Deerhoof is a band known for challenging the status quo. This time as part of Masters From Their Day‘s series of short documentaries, the band recorded, mixed and mastered a song in one day.

    The track is “Sexy, but Sparkly” and like most of Deerhoof’s past work, it’s an exercise in bright and often fragmented bursts of energy that are always playful and increasingly imaginative. Produced by Chris Shaw, best known for engineering Public Enemy’s landmark albums Fear Of A Black Planet and It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back, the song benefits from the close guidance seen in documentary and proves to be one of the group’s more straight-forward songs to date.

    Watch the documentary below, and purchase the 7-inch single via Famous Class here.