Deee-Lite’s Singer Says Accountants, And DFA, Have Screwed Her Out Of Royalties

    Never doubt the power of social media to allow us to see into the psyche/private lives of musicians: Deee-Lite frontwoman Lady Miss Kier just unleashed a diatribe on her Tumblr against her accountants, major labels, and DFA Records saying that she hasn’t received a single dime from her time fronting the one hit wonders that were Deee-Lite. Here’s her statement:

    I found out 2 months ago, it seems i never received 1 record royalty payment since 1990 for any record sold or downloaded by deee-lite . I was getting radio play money but not a dime for any records sold. My former accountant fixed the books so it wasn’t obvious, by putting a small amount of publishing money ( radio sales) into our royalty account ( record sales) to pay us out just enough that we wouldn’t notice -thanks Jake Fine and Bert Padell!!!! If anyone knows the whereabouts of former music attorney George Regis ( he seems to have disappeared without a trace and with the money ) please let me know ,because he managed to convince warner records to send all Deee-lite sales checks to him instead and it appears he was in ca-hoots with my newly-x accountant jake fine from padell. Management didn’t even notice !!!! I asked warners for their records on how much was stolen and they only gave me accounting figures for four years out of 21 years. if you know where he disappeared to : contact me at or my new attorney Barry Reiss. So…I hear you George Clinton ! Loud and clear. the google number and address for him is now a real estate agency that claims not to know him. the checks began as return to sender and were sitting back at warners for the last year. i found out when i called to tell them my new accountants address.

    p.s. the indies are even worse- i never received a dime from any independent label like DFA or Full Cycle. That’s why I am stashing my hot joints until I can release them myself. i’ve always supported free downloads but for those who bought my music- thanks …..but it went to George Regis , jake fine, and i still had to pay taxes on all of it !!!!????

    So, apparently, she was hosed by her accountants, but she also never got paid by DFA, either? I guess she should have had better accountants? How about we forget all this and just listen to Deee-Lite:

    [via Fact Mag