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Deconstructing pop lyrics with Literature Professor Sutherland

The Guardian critiqued the banality and generally bizarre lyrics of many of today's pop stars in a piece published over the weekend, with the help of John Sutherland, emeritus professor of modern English literature at University College, London.

Coldplay, the Killers, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Oasis, and Kings of Leon are all subjected to an academic tear-down, perhaps justifiably so. After all, when we have pop singers like Brandon Flowers of The Killers nonsensically asking, "Are we human or are we dancer?" while citing Hunter S. Thompson for inspiration, someone needs to hold up the proverbial stop sign.

And Sutherland does not seem to the prototypical stuffy professor. He even seems to profess a kind of previous respect for the Killers' lyrical efforts: "I like the Killers, because they can create a narrative, using the very blunt instrumentation of popular music lyrics."

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Justin Timberlake
Kings of Leon
The Killers

He should just be a mustache model.

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I thought prefix had an established policy on using the sneering eyeliner picture of Brandon Flowers whenever possible. What gives?

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I love Sutherland's first comment about Coldplay's "Lost": "This song is a deflated balloon. or, put another way, a used empty condom." So true, so true.

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