Death Of Tupac The Focus Of National Geographic Documentary

    Starting on July 6, National Geographic will be airing a mini series that will last three nights, The 90’s: The Last Great Decade? The show is set to reveal a “decade of highs and lows,” looking at stories such as Bill Clinton coming into office, the LA Riots, and Nirvana. While their are a lot of intriguing story lines, hip hop fans and conspiracists will also be able to see the show take a look at the death of Tupac Shakur, who was killed 1996.

    In a short clip from the show, Gobi Rahimi, a director and friend of Tupac remembers being at the hospital with members of the Outlawz after the rapper was shot. They all took shifts keeping watch, with the Outlawz members having weapons on them. “The whole time we were there, we were fearful they were going to come finish him off,” says Rahimi. Six days later, Pac passed away and the rumour is that his ashes were smoked by the Outlawz. E.D.I. Mean, a member of the group, simply says: “Pac told us mystery sells, so I’ll let them wonder.”

    Mean explains that police around America were not big fans of Pac and that he is “absolutely positive they know what happened. This is America, we found Bin Laden.” Arsenio Hall continues that thought by saying “I believe that if Justin Bieber had gotten shot in Tupac’s car, we’d know more.”

    You can watch the teaser video over at Rolling Stone.