Death Grips Talk Epic Record Deal And New Music

    Death Grips’ drummer Zach Hill wants you to know that just because they are on a major label doesn’t mean that they will compromise their style and attitude. “We’re in control. It’s obvious that people have picked up on it as far as who’s running Death Grips, and that’s how it’s always going to be. [Epic] is here to help us with what we say we need help with. And that’s how it’s going down.” The band’s occult aesthetic drew Sony’s Epic Records to what their marketing rep calls a fearless signing in “uncharted territory” for the mainstream label.

    When it came time to sign with Epic Records, the band literally tagged an entire bathroom inside the corporate headquarters in declaring that there would be no compromising their artistic integrity and anti-establishment attitude once working for the machine. As an example of Death Grips uncompromising stance, the record executives ate it up and signed them to a multi-record deal. “The fact that people keep saying this is such a unique or unexpected signing confirms that it was a great one,” says Epic Records’ executive VP of marketing.  Death Grips’ major label debut The Money Store will be released on April 24. [Billboard]