Death Grips Leaks Angry Letter From Epic Records On Facebook

    Just in case you mistook Death Grips for post-internet-era punk rock posers (not like their music implies otherwise or anything), just hear what they’ve done now.

    You may remember at the start of the month the Sacramento hip-hop-rockers released their NO LOVE DEEP WEBB album for free, completely against their agreement with Epic Records, the label they signed with in February. As you’d imagine, the suits were pretty pissed, so they shut down the Death Grips website where the record was made available, so the band claim.

    As it turns out, the label also sent MC Ride and co. a pretty stiff email, which they’ve hilariously leaked online for all eyes to read. The letter explains that the label are “extremely upset and disappointed” with “decisions that have financially damaged Epic.” “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOW FUCK OFF” reads the caption on the Death Grips Facebook page.

    That’s a nice, big middle finger to the industry and all, but it appears that Death Grips’s Twitter account has been removed. Any chance that might have been you, Epic?