Death Grips Drummer Zach Hill Writing, Directing, And Soundtracking New Film

    Death Grips has been notoriously reputable for being a non-reliable band. Around this time last year, the cerebral gnashing duo dropped out of a summer tour to record NO LOVE DEEP WEB, and they also leaked their whole album without approval from their former label Epic Records. 

    During SXSW, Death Grips’ drummer Zach Hill performed with Stefan “MC Ride” Burnett via Skype and has now dropped out of the band’s summer tour of Europe. Instead, he is spending his time writing, directing, and soundtracking a feature film. 

    In a statement, the experimental hiphop outfit also confirmed that their original member/ producer Andy “Flatlander” Morin is still in the group.

    The statement reads as follows: “Zach is currently writing, directing, and soundtracking an original feature film. The movie is of his own creation, fictionally based and not related to the group. The film will be soundtracked with all new Death Grips music. He is also working on and recording the new Death Grips album at the moment. Death Grips is Stefan. Zach. Andy. Zach is very much still in Death Grips. – Death Grips”