Death Cab Live Streaming “You Are A Tourist” Video At 7 p.m.

    It was announced last week that Death Cab for Cutie were planning to broadcast “the first-ever live, scripted, single-take music video” for their new single, “You Are a Tourist.” And that’s exactly what they are doing here at 7 p.m. sharp. According to an interview with MTV, the band has crafted something rather ambitious and complex with the help of director Tim Nackashi, who previously worked with Radiohead and TV on the Radio.


    Death Cab frontman Ben Gibbard explained that the video is “a sensory overload, so there’s a lot of things happening, and trying to kind of walk anybody through it would be very difficult.” Said overload will be caused by a slew of dancers and background actors, flashing lights, smoke machines, and projections. And it comes together to form a kind of Rube Goldberg machine, which OK Go used recently in their video for “This Too Shall Pass.”


    Hats off to Death Cab for embarking on something so ballsy. Because if one thing goes wrong, “you’re standing there for the next three minutes looking like a moron.” Gibbard’s words, not mine!


    The band’s new album, Codes And Keys, drops May 31.