Death Cab For Cutie Wants To Be Like Wilco


    On Wednesday, Death Cab For Cutie guitarist Chris Walla spoke with MTV about Death Cab’s plans for the new year. While no dates have been determined, and writing new music has been mostly demo work, Walla said the band does plan to reconvene to start work on a new album in 2010.


    Regarding the new album, Walla pointed to Wilco as a band he thinks Death Cab could emulate, in the sense of the arc of their newest album. “I think they took the thing that happened on the previous record [Sky Blue Sky], where it was really live, and took the parts of that that worked really well but pulled them back,” Walla explained. The guitarist elaborated that Death Cab’s latest album, Narrow Stairs, “was a really logical extreme, like we took the live thing as far as we could probably take it.” He said that pulling back, much like Wilco did with their 2009 self-titled release, might be the next direction for Death Cab.


    Due to the amount of press surrounding the band’s involvement with the New Moon soundtrack, Death Cab have been unable to form plans about when to begin work on this new album, but hopefully they decide to put a camel on their album cover, too. [MTV]