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Deal Reached In Bob Dylan Pizza Prank

A man who scammed an Amherst pizza joint into making 178 extra large gourmet pizzas by wearing a Bob Dylan backstage credential has reached a settlement with the offended establishment. The perpetrator ended up feeling bad after hearing about how the restaurant employees stayed open until 5:30 to finish the order and then had to trash the pies, so he turned himself in to police. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. Dylan has yet to comment about the situation, but was cleared of any wrongdoing early in the investigation. [Stereogum]

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Bob Dylan

the pizzas my friends are cooling in the breeze,
the pizzas will soon be in deep freeze,
how many slice can you get out of one...., until you have none?
how many times can u listen to the zim,
until your enthusiasm dims,
I dont know for sure, I dont know at all,
but i'm hungry for pizza so i'll make a call

mai willie

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