Deadmau5 Supports Simon Cowell’s Planned DJ Talent Show

    Even though we posted about it yesterday, we still feel like the news of Simon Cowell’s latest venture kind of got overlooked. Dude’s planning to launch a new talent show to  “find the world’s greatest DJs.” Yeah, so it’s going to be like X Factor or American Idol but with DJs. We couldn’t really understand the need to do this but it appears that one famed DJ/producer is down with the concept.

    Outspoken producer/DJ Deadmau5 took to his Facebook account to rant at-length about the planned series and you can read the best snippets below. Head to Deadmau5’s Facebook to read it all.

    Theres just no way in hell im going to come out guns blazing with an attitude like “fuck this, this isnt real DJ’ing, or has nothing to do with anything and blah blah blah”  This concept, if anything, is going to catapult the awareness of EDM through the roof. People dont have to embrace this as gospel… nobody’s asking anyone to.

    A show concept like this new DJ one im hearing about is going to effectively do one thing,  raise awareness to EDM. Yup, our poor little coveted secret cool underground society will be thrown into the masses. Is this a bad thing? i dont think so, let me explain why:

     Well, say we took on and embraced an idea such as a DJ talent show (which would no doubt become a smash hit) and used this as a conduit to see / hear / experience new things? Give the underdogs a shot, see what happens… and EVEN IF no massive worldwide careers busted out of it… well shit, sure would be entertaining to watch wouldnt it?

     So ask me if im against a kid standing in line with a brilliant idea and a worldwide audience. nope.

     All i hope is that we can all tune into a show like this, laugh at the failures, and recognize and embrace originality / creativity / showmanship and passion.  and for the purists and self proclaimed elitists out there, feel free to keep your noses in the air while were all VERY much pressured to compete or collaborate with all the new talent that will arrive from the bowlful of hype the EDM “scene” will receieve.