Deadmau5 Records Song Live Online

    If EDM superstar Deadmau5 hasn’t done it all yet, he’s certainly trying. Last week he announced the launching of his clothing line and yesterday morning, after in the his own words, “weird ass night,” Deadmau5 announced on Twitter that he was taking a break from preparing his new live show, and settled in to work on music — all under the watchful eye of any fans who wanted to watch his progress on his Deadmau5 Live website, the live video stream from his studio. Yep, he recorded a track while fans could sit on the session online.

    After a grueling 12 hours and 22 minutes after his announcement, he unleashed the finished (but unmastered) track to his SoundCloud account as a free download. Download the song here and judge for yourself whether or not it was a good idea.