Deadmau5 Hates On Miami Ultra Music Festival For 12 Minutes (Video)

    During a recent Q&A session with his fans on Ustream, renowned DJ/producer Deadmau5 let everyone watching know that he absolutely hates the Miami Ultra Music Festival. Why? Well, he outlines a slew of reasons during the 12-minute rant — it’s less a rant and just an aggression-fueled fan interview, really — that can be summarized in the following quote:

    “Ultra to me is like the definition of insanity. You know, it’s doing the same fucking thing every year expecting different results every time.” 

    One of his main gripes is the fact that there’s an exclusivity contract for artists performing at the event. That means that if you’re playing Ultra, you’re only playing Ultra and you can’t do any other gigs during the week, he said. He also dropped this quotable: “I hate these fucking festivals things, you know. Some are great; some are not so great. It’s a bit much.”

    You can peep the entire rant below and head over to the Miami New Times for the full story. [TDS]