Deadmau5 Explains “Press Play” Statement

    Trying to ward off controversy from his critique of successful EDM artists like David Guetta and Skrillex for merely “pushing play” during their live show, which was said in a recent Rolling Stone cover story, Deadmau5 has taken to his Tumblr page to clarify his statement.

    Coming under attack by fans and fellow DJs like Swedish House Mafia’s Sebastian Ingrosso was surely the reason why the Canadian felt the need to explain himself.

    “We all hit play,” he said in the Tumblr entry. “It’s no secret. When it comes to ‘live’ performance of EDM . . . that’s about the most it seems you can do anyway.”

    He also said that his and other producers’ skills shine in the studio instead of on-stage.

    Even with the diss, Deadmau5 made sure to thank fans helping the genre gain mainstream acceptance. However, he stopped completely apologizing for his comments, when he said, “To stand up and say youre doing something special outside of a studio environment, when youre not, just plain fuckin annoys me.”