Deadmau5 Claims He’s Broke On Facebook

    I’m probably not qualified to talk about the financial goings-on of an electro producer I hate, being that I have only three-figures in my bank account right now. But I know this: It’s hopelessly annoying for someone who tours the world and gets paid to wear a stupid helmet and do “dance music” in front of crowds that hate dance music to complain about how he doesn’t make much money. Which is what Deadmau5 did on Facebook yesterday. Here’s what he said:

    why does everyone think im a bloody millionaire? check this out: if you gave deadmau5 10 dollars heres what happens… EMI get 5$, management gets 2$, booking agents n stuff get $1.50, which leaves me with $1.50 …. and with that $1.50 i have to put on shows, pay for staging, pay for crew, flights / travel, hotels, meals and feed the cat n pay a mortgage. Then, pay the tax guy.


    ‎…but the real value i get out of every aspect of the deal is… is that i have millions of people who have supporrted me and my music over the years. And that, to me, is worth more than all the money in the world.


    if it was money i was after… i’d be a lawyer. 🙂

    The best part? All of the people who diss him by saying that the best thing he’s ever done was signing Skrillex. Which is patently ridiculous, and absolutely hilarious. There are really people out there who enjoy Skrillex? No way. [DS]