Deadmau5 Blasts Madonna For Encouraging Drug Use At Ultra Music Festival (Video)

    When Madonna isn’t pissing off the music-listening world at large with terrible new songs like “Birthday Song,” she’s getting under the skin at rant-friendly, mask-loving DJ/producer Deadmau5. He took to his always-entertaining Facebook account this weekend to air out his frustrations with the trend-hopping singer after she made what he views was an irresponsible comment at the Ultra Music Festival this weekend in Miami.

    She asked how many people in the crowd had “seen Molly,” a clear reference to MDMA, which is one of the main ingredients in Ecstasy. Well, Deadmau5 wasn’t having it. Peep a portion of his rant below via  TMZ

    “Very classy there madonna. ‘HUR DUR HAS ANYONE SEEN MOLLY???’ such a great message for the young music lovers at ultra.”

    “Quite the f’n philanthropist. but hey, at least yer HIP AND TRENDY! f*cking cant smack my head hard enough right now.”

    Watch the clip below. Her comment comes at the 45-second mark. Head to Deadmau5’s tumblr for a lengthy rant about musicians and responsibility.