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David Pajo Joins Yeah Yeah Yeahs for Forthcoming Tour

If anyone can lay claim to being an indie rock Zelig, it’s David Pajo. Pajo is, of course, a founding member of the groundbreaking post rock outfit Slint. But he’s played with so many different influential musicians it’s a wonder anyone can keep track. Stereolab, Tortoise, Will Oldham, Royal Trux and Zwan are just a few of the bands Pajo has played with, and now he’s about to hit the road with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

According to his Twitter feed and blog , Pajo has been indulging in some intense 12-hour long practices with the band, whose touring duties to promote It’s Blitz begin on April 19 at the Coachella Festival. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are also releasing a vinyl edition of the record , complete with a limited edition 7-inch single featuring an Animal Collective remix of “Zero,” for Record Store Day on April 18.

It’s not yet known whether any other musicians will be joining the band on their forthcoming trek, or even which instrument Pajo is playing. Presumably Karen O will make for better company on the road than Pajo’s recent accomplice Billy Corgan, who may also be on the lookout for new band members in the near future. Full Yeah Yeah Yeahs tour dates are available here .
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