David Lynch Talked About His Music Career In Twitter Interview

    As we reported yesterday, David Lynch took to Twitter to answer a few questions filtered through the Guardian’s website at noon PST, and many of them were related to his nascent musical career. Is this a good way to interview someone? No, it’s not, but Lynch does a good job in providing some pithy responses despite the obvious limitations of the format.


    Some of the questions fired at the filmmaker came from musicians who have recently remixed Lynch, including Basement Jaxx, who asked: “What is your favorite film score that has NOT been in one of your films?” Chinatown was the answer. Fellow remixer Rob Da Bank asked Lynch if he liked the sound of his own voice, to which he replied he didn’t, and Rob also asked if he would prefer to lose his eyes of his ears. The answer? “Rob, I would lose one eye and one ear.” Nice.


    You can read the full transcript over on the Guardian’s website, which is frustratingly staggered over numerous pages to ensure a maximum amount of traffic. But just don’t go expecting too much insight—this is Twitter after all, where everything crawls along at the same asinine level—beyond tiny bursts of inspiration like “all pop is magical” and Lynch’s assertion that he would be a Jack Russell terrier if he had to describe himself as an animal.