David Lynch Speaks Out About Dark Night of the Soul

    To many artists, the desire to release an album in a physical format is fading. Take Danger Mouse, for example, who was happy to let his Grey Album exist purely as a digital artifact. But his Dark Night of the Soul album was set to be packaged in a lavish book format, complete with photographs from filmmaker David Lynch.

    Legal problems have prevented its release, causing it to be issued with a blank CD-R, which positively encourages listeners to download the album and then burn it onto disc. Now Lynch has spoken out about the debacle. “Sometimes the house burns down and you build a new one,” he said, in reference to the transition from physical formats to digital downloads.

    “Because the world is so, sooo, completely backwards and absurd, people think it’s strange or an exception to have freedom to create something,” he said. “It’s ridiculous. The exception should be that sometimes people do not have freedom. What went wrong?”


    [The Guardian]