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David Lee Roth tears Zakk Wylde a new one

All these high-profile rap beefs have got me yearning for an old fashioned rocker showdown, like Randy Newman's classic E.L.O. diss, the fabled tit for tat feud twixt Steely Dan and the Eagles, or Tiny Tim's infamous, cocaine-driven knife fight with John Denver. This past week, recently reunited, David Lee Roth-fronted Van Halen played a few rehearsal shows; during one (linked below), Zakk Wylde (the anonymously "metal" guitarist for Ozzie Osbourne) tries to climb up on the stage only to be ridiculed by David Lee Roth: "Are you in show biz? Then get off the stage. Get off the fucking stage." Ouch! Not a very nice way to treat someone who, well, pretty much modeled his entire hokey guitar playing style after Eddie Van Halen. And by modeled I mean "ripped off." Looks like Eddie was trying to pull him up on the stage, too, but I guess counting Diamond Dave's ego there wasn't enough room on the stage. Any bets on how long this reunion's gonna last?
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Van Halen

I don't think it was as bad as all that. Dave was laughing the whole time, so I think he was just giving him ****. That, and other reports have said that Eddie told Zakk something to the effect of "I can't talk right now, dude."


Roth can be abrasive, but I think it was done in fun. Everyone knows that Wylde is a hard core rocker that has earned some respect, even if he copied Eddie. Why not? I do all the time. Roth probably got off on someone like that being in his audience.

Billy Bob

David Lee Roth is the man


Come on!!!!!! Dave was raggin' on him, just for laughs. Jeeeeeshhhh. Starting shit already, you ****** "journalists"


No kidding... Does anyone actually watch the videos anymore to maybe see the context of the quote? I guess not, cause that was OBVIOUS Dave was just givin' Zakk a hard time. It was funny, not about him being a a-hole. By the way, Zakk didn't really copy Ed. His sound is totally different and his attack on pinched harmonics is more like John Sykes. But, I guess you would have to be a guitarist to know that.... or you could just listen.


Agreed. Relax. DLR was just joshin Zakk. That's just Dave. BTW Zakk did NOT model his style after EVH. Agreed, mrblonde...He's definitely more akin to John Sykes. But unless you're a recovering 80s guitart shredder like myself (and prob mrblonde), don't make uninformed judgment calls. Zakk and EVH are distinctly different. Take a closer listen.


yeh ok dlr give zakk the man man wylde jip and he still standing what do you think?

crowley gp

joel cusamano, what are ya, -a critic ? you sure don't know much. what is 'anonymous' about the only Man that has kept metal guitar alive for nearly the past 2 decades ? stepping on the biggest metal stage with Oz at 19 years old ? touring with the allmans? combining blues-southern-rock-metal with Pride & Glory ? being a skilled pianist-vocalist-songwriter-guitarist ? putting out nearly 2 albums per year with BLS in addition to writing-touring with much more do You want to know before You get yourself torn a new one ? How about that He 'stole' his style from Randy Rhodes, Jake E Lee, Toni Iommi, but if You'd bother to learn anything about anything before writing a bunch of bs, You would know Zakk graciously thanks and idolizes these Men who contributed to His style, -which is unique. -Just casue all You fags think Zakk & Sykes might look alike and share a pinch harmonic doesn't mean dikk.




Oh please. He was just joking. He was laughing the whole time. And afterwards said their tour was a to a real good start. Always misinterpreting things. Geez.


hey, joe... listen to John Sykes with Thin Lizzy in 1983 (Zakk was 14). Not only the pinch harmonics, but some of the exact licks, like descending pull-offs on the first three strings, Zakk Wylde stole from John Sykes. Seriously ... compare their styles. Zakk was in his bedroom practicing while Sykes was playing on stage and writing/recording with Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake.

hey joe

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