David Lee Roth tears Zakk Wylde a new one

    All these high-profile rap beefs have got me yearning for an old fashioned rocker showdown, like Randy Newman’s classic E.L.O. diss, the fabled tit for tat feud twixt Steely Dan and the Eagles, or Tiny Tim’s infamous, cocaine-driven knife fight with John Denver. This past week, recently reunited, David Lee Roth-fronted Van Halen played a few rehearsal shows; during one (linked below), Zakk Wylde (the anonymously “metal” guitarist for Ozzie Osbourne) tries to climb up on the stage only to be ridiculed by David Lee Roth: “Are you in show biz? Then get off the stage. Get off the fucking stage.” Ouch! Not a very nice way to treat someone who, well, pretty much modeled his entire hokey guitar playing style after Eddie Van Halen. And by modeled I mean “ripped off.” Looks like Eddie was trying to pull him up on the stage, too, but I guess counting Diamond Dave’s ego there wasn’t enough room on the stage. Any bets on how long this reunion’s gonna last?