David Lee Roth Involved In The CRAZIEST Divorce Story Of All Time

    I imagine living every day as David Lee Roth is the craziest. “Just a Gigolo” probably plays on a loop in your brain as you practice karate and remember the days when you’d have lined up three deep to have a go at you. 


    Even Roth’s divorce stories are absolutely bonkers: Jo Ann Fonzone from Allentown, Pa., is suing Roth for divorce and claiming he abused her and stole $50 million from her via a credit line. The problem? She and Roth were never married, technically, as she says that she married someone named Cary Woods in 1983, and she claims that 10 years later realized he was none other than David Lee Roth. She’s claiming he was a “master of disguise” and tricked her into believing he wasn’t David Lee Roth so she couldn’t have his money and he could open a line of credit up to $50 million.


    Which makes perfect sense, I guess. Roth’s people are obviously denying like crazy. Fonzone allegedly has a history of suing celebrities, but this one takes the case for best celebrity lawsuit of all time. [Spinner