David Guetta Disappointed With Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’

    Not everyone was a fan of Lady Gaga’s last album. In what’s sure to attract the scorn of her Little Monsters, DJ/producer David Guetta told WENN that he was disappointed with her Born This Way album and it would have been better had he worked on it.

    He said he met Gaga in 2009 to discuss a possible collaboration on the album, but it fell through. When asked if he Yeah, because I think we could have done something amazing on her last record, Born This Way. And her last record was to me very disappointing. She’s an amazing artist, and she deserves to be always looking ahead, like she did with her first album.”

    Guetta continued: “But actually I know for a fact – because I know who she’s working with now – that the next album is going to be absolutely crazy. He’s someone really good, a young kid.”