David Byrne Sues Florida Governor for $1 Million

    It seems like politicians haven’t learned a damn thing from the MGMT/Sarkozy or Jackson Brown/John McCain dust-ups of recent years as the filching of music for political campaigns continues. 


    The latest spat involves David Byrne and Florida governor Charlie Crist, who as if isn’t getting enough shit from his former GOP allies, is now facing a lawsuit from the ex-Talking Head. According to Billboard, Byrne is seeking $1 million in damages from the guv for allegedly using the Talking Heads’ 1985 single “Road to Nowhere” without permission or proper licenses.


    While Crist subsequently stopped using the song, which appeared in a campaign ad that slammed his then-Republican primary opponent Marco Rubio, Byrne tells Billboard, “In my opinion the damage had already been done by it being out there. People that I knew had seen (the ad), so it had gotten around.” He adds that this “is not about politics…It’s about copyright and about the fact that it does imply that I would have licensed it and endorsed him and whatever he stands for.” Byrne’s attorney Lawrence Isler claims that the $1 million figure was based on previous offers Byrne has received for use of his songs in commercials.


    Of course, this isn’t the first time a Talking Heads matter has prompted legal action from Byrne as he famously sued his ex-bandmates for using the name The Heads in 1996.