David Bowie + Tim Tebow = Tebowie (Video)

    In case you don’t watch professional football, I’ll put this video in context for you. So, the Denver Broncos are set to play (and lose to!) the New England Patriots on Saturday. And Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has made it clear in every way possible that he’s a fan of Jesus Christ. This includes a prayer everytime he scores a touchdown or even just finishes a really good play. Also, David Bowie just celebrated his 65th birthday on Sunday.

    Now that you know what’s going on, you can watch the video below of Jimmy Fallon impersonating Tebowie — a David Bowie/Tim Tebow hybrid — and understand what’s going on. And is it just me or should Fallon make sure every episode of his late-night show includes some form of musical humor like this? Dude always kills these impressions.