David Bowie Musical Not Happening

    If you were too busy shoving food into your face or trying to murder people for cheap DVDs over the weekend, you may have missed out on the news that David Bowie had signed off on a musical based on his discography. Um…yeah, as awesome as this sounds, he actually didn’t. The Guardian reported on the piece, which even included a breakdown of its story and inclusion of 20 Bowie tunes. But his representatives came forward today to make it clear that no such permission was given for the creation of the musical:

    “Neither the David Bowie Organization, nor its co-publishers EMI Music and Chrysalis, has issued a license for a Bowie musical at the O2, as has been reported in the U.K.,” the statement said. “There are no negotiations pending for a long-running musical featuring the music of Mr. Bowie.”

    Too bad. Maybe something can happen in the (near) future? [NYT]