David Bowie chooses his own favorite songs

    David Bowie’s career has been through many highs and Lows, but most fans agree that a nadir was reached with two ‘80s albums–Tonight and Never Let Me Down. In typically perverse fashion, Bowie has chosen tracks from both these albums in this list of his own favorite songs.

    British tabloid the Mail on Sunday has given Bowie the chance to discuss his choices, which range from popular staples such as “Life on Mars” to willfully obscure gems like the Eno collaboration “Some Are.” Bowie describes his choices with a mixture of humor and pretension, noting how the violin playing on “Repetition” “touches a vein of pure Goth,” and explaining how “Time Will Crawl” was inspired by the Chernobyl disaster.

    The article is designed to promote a free CD, titled iSELECTBOWIE, that came free with the newspaper. Here’s the full track listing.

    01. Life on Mars
    02. Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing
    03. The Bewlay Brothers
    04. Lady Grinning Soul
    05. Win
    06. Some Are
    07. Teenage Wildlife
    08. Repetition
    09. Fantastic Voyage
    10. Loving the Alien
    11. Time Will Crawl
    12. Hang on to Yourself (Live)