David Berman calls Radiohead “miserable”

    David Berman is one of the finest lyric writers around, and apparently he isn’t very restrained in his opinions when it comes to very, very popular bands. In an interview with Pitchfork, he had this to say about Radiohead: "You can go through the whole new Radiohead album and try and tell me what they’re saying, and all you’ll get over and over again is things are miserable, don’t try, things suck. And it’s all gray. There’s nothing there. Never before has there been a ‘greatest band in the world’ who had so little to say about anything."


    Calling Radiohead depressing isn’t exactly a revelation, but coming from Berman, who is not known for his boundless optimism, it’s a strange accusation.  [Pitchfork via Stereogum]