David Banner Talks About Death Of A Pop Star, New “Album” With 9th Wonder



    David Banner talking on the death of black music and the difficulty of making a proper living in today’s music industry? It’s worth taking 5 to listen. In case that’s still too much for you, highlights include:


    * Banner sharing the list of producers he wanted to work with. I can definitely imagine Banner crushing some Just Blaze beats. Madlib would be an interesting choice: MadBanner, anyone? Or, CrookedLibz? Personally, I think Droop-E would make for an ace collaboration.


    * “Mixtapes were supposed to be… a precursor for you to go buy the album; it wasn’t supposed to be the whole thing.” No arguments here (though I still wonder where Curren$y gets his day-to-day money…)


    * Death Of A Pop Star is no longer a mixtape, it’s an album. At least that’s what’s being suggested here. No word on label, distribution or any practicals.


    Bonus feature: the clip is bookended by snippets of “Slow Down,” one of the joints off the upcoming record. [via Audible Treats!]