David Banner & 9th Wonder’s ‘Death of a Pop Star’ Dropping Nov. 9

    Originally intended as a mixtape type of project, producer (and sometimes rapper) 9th Wonder and rapper (and sometimes producer) David Banner have turned Death of a Pop Star into a proper album. The two apparently became interested in working together when they discovered they had a lot more in common than most would think when considering their musical background. Sure, both have made tracks outside their respective comfort zones. But 9th is absolutely more known for working with underground acts while Banner’s background is much more mainstream-related.


    According to an interview with AllHipHop, though, they learned they share similar ideals, especially regarding the music industry, manhood, and “the state of black music in general.” The concept of the album, 9th said, is about the “death of contemporary black music.” If nothing else, it will be interesting to hear how these two put that idea on a record, especially considering how 9th sort of did that, to an extent, when he made The Minstrel Show with Little Brother.


    Death of a Pop Star is due out Nov. 9 on Big Face Entertainment.