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Dave Stewart and friends "Go Green"

Via Billboard:
Remember when Kermit the Frog used to say it wasn't easy being green? Those days are long gone. Green couldn't be more cool right now. Global warming is hot. As an issue, I mean. Not as a bad pun.
One-time Eurythmic Dave Stewart has created a new song to celebrate Earth Day, appropriately titled "Go Green." It's a veritable Eurythmics reunion, as Annie Lennox lends vocal support on the track. But she's not the only dame to do so. Imogen Heap, Bonnie Raitt, Nadirah X, and Sarah McLachlan also guest on the track. It will be available on iTunes April 17.
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Dave Stewart

wait, 'member when he won 21 and led the a's the the world series? that was sweet.oh wait.

Mike Krolak

the a's do wear green season must be starting sunday if we're letting an eurythmic's environmentalism get spun into baseball talk.does the song have any profound ideas for going green or is it another foray into the idea of going green? i mean, we're pretty much aware of global warming but it seems like most reactions are just to admit we're aware and not do anything like stop driving or stop wasting plastic/glass bottles, to name a few.

Eric Fitzgerald

it's a lot easier that way. "yeah, dude...i saw 'an inconvenient truth.' global warming is real. now let's drive my 4runner to the corner store for ice cream."

Mike Krolak

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