Dave Matthews Promises He Would Have Made John Edwards Pay A Lot Of Money For Mistress Wedding Performance

    Now that John Edwards has confirmed that he totally did have a kid with mistress Rielle Hunter, it appears that those rumors of him promising Hunter a rooftop wedding with Dave Matthews Band as the entertainment are totally true. And since Dave Matthews literally has nothing going on, he decided to comment on whether or not he’d have done the show. And rest assured, if your a DMB fan who holds them to high standards: He says he probably wouldn’t do it, but he might if they paid him enough:

    “I would make a fair bet that I would have said no to such an offer, or I would have charged him an incredible amount of money.”

    Which I guess is all right, since it’s not Dave Matthews’ problem if John Edwards wants to marry the woman who he cheated on his cancer-stricken wife with. Still though, Dave could have stopped short of saying he’d do it for the money. Not good for his non-existent punk credentials. [Spinner]