Dave Grohl hearts Metallica 4-life

    Dave Grohl has written an open letter to Metallica, apparently just to let the metal gods know that they still kick ass "(even ‘St. Anger’!)," he writes. What prompted this fan-out is unclear, but Stereogum surmises that maybe it’s a lighthearted fun-poking response to Metallica’s appearance last month for Record Store Day. Check out the local TV news story on the band’s autograph signing at a good old fashioned independent record store where we learn that Hetfield aint no texter.


    Here’s Dave’s letter:



    Hey, it’s Dave! Remember me? Yeah, I’m the guy that’s been listening to your band faithfully since 1983. I bought your first album ‘Kill ‘Em All’ from a mailorder catalogue called Under The Rainbow, I think. Actually I can’t remember. It was 1983 for Christsakes! But that album changed my life and I’ve been listening to your albums ever since (even ‘St Anger’!).

    I can’t wait to hear the new shit, and no matter what you guys do I’ll always be first one at the shop waiting to hear it. I’m sure you’ll come out and blow everybody’s fuckin’ minds, because you’re fuckin’ METALLICA!

    Good luck. And don’t release it until it’s kick-ass.

    Yours, Dave Grohl.

    P.S. Are you finished recording the drums yet?


    What’s with the drums comment? Is Grohl offering is services? Yeah, right. Like Lars would ever let that happen. Nothing comes between him and his Hetfield. [Blabbermouth/Metal Hammer]