Dave Allen of Gang of Four explains his Obama support

    Normally, you’d think a rock star who made his name by applying Marxist theory to music would not be a good person to support Obama. But Dave Allen, a Leeds University art student turned post-punk icon as bassist for Gang of Four, is no ordinary rock star. He’s a top-notch music blogger with his Pampelmoose blog, has directed Digital Audio Services at Intel, helped found eMusic, and is one of the impresarios of Portland, Oregon’s music scene. Over at Largehearted Boy, Allen has given his reasoning for his support of Obama.


    Allen describes Obama as "thought leader," one with "fierce intellectual abilities" and with perfect timing for a sea change in American politics. While he notes that Obama isn’t perfect (which is more than some bloggers will admit), Allen points to Obama’s broad international support and call for a more transparent White House as major reasons for his support. True, it’s hard to see Allen supporting anyone but Obama, but his reasoning for his Obama support is much more enlightened than, say, Jarvis Cocker‘s.