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Dates set for latest Bright Eyes releases

Via Billboard
Break out your box of tissues, its time for another go with Bright Eyes. Conor Oberst and Co. will be dropping their latest LP, titled Cassadaga, April 10 via Saddle Creek. The album will again feature M. Ward, production by Mike Mogis, and guest contributions from Sleater-Kinney/Quasi/Jicks' Janet Weiss. But wait, there's more...On March 6th Bright Eyes will release the Four Winds EP - the title track of which is Cassadaga's first single. Also, look for Bright Eyes on tour this February - dates pending.
Track listing for Four Winds:
"Four Winds"
"Reinvent the Wheel"
"Smoke Without Fire"
"Stray Dog Freedom"
"Cartoon Blues"
"Tourist Trap"
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Bright Eyes
M. Ward

[...] As previously reported, the coming months will see two Bright Eyes releases; the full-length Cassadaga on April 10 and the Four Winds EP–featuring the first single and some not-quite-ready-for-full-length leftovers–on March 6. To drum up some excitement for these impending releases, Conor Oberst has announced a brief tour that’s set to begin at the end of February. Before you begin cursing the misfortune of Oberst overlooking your hometown on this trek, I’d suggest the following: [...]

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[...] Via: Billboard As previously reported, Bright Eyes will be releasing his latest album, Cassadaga, April 10 via Saddle Creek. What we can now tell you is that there’s a confirmed tracklist to be shared. Without further ado: [...]

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