Das Racist’s Kool A.D. Drops ‘The Palm Wine Drinkard’ Mixtape

    The year 2012 brings with it more than just people freaking out about the Mayan calendar and all that jazz. It also promises new solo mixtapes from Das Racist’s Heems, Dapwell, and Kool A.D. But oh, what’s that? One of them has already been released? Yeap, Kool A.D. dropped his own tape, The Palm Wine Drinkard, yesterday and then promptly got his Twitter account suspended for tweeting out a shitload of messages. Boo! Anyway, Das Racist fan tumblr the Illuminati Zone notes that it’s “a perfect way to start 2012” and that we need to immediately listen to the track “Girls and Women.” Duly noted. You can download the mixtape right here.