Danzig Suggests Crowd Punch Guy Recording Concert On Phone

    In a video published under the not-so-subtle title of “Glenn Danzing is an Asshole” the world has discovered how Glenn Danzig feels about people with cell phones at concerts. He joins the legion of artists like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Savages who are growing more and more vocal about cell phone use at concerts. (Leave it in your pocket) Danzig, mid-“Blood and Tears,” suggests that someone in the crowd punch the “asshole” who is filming the concert on his cellphone. 

    According to commenters on the video, there were signs posted around the venue requesting that concertgoers not film the show. The “asshole” says he didn’t see them. He was ejected from the concert, let back in later, and no one was punched.

    I won’t suggest anyone get beat up over it, but I’m with Danzig. While we all appreciate a video when something special happens, 99% of the video taken at concerts is while nothing particularly noteworthy is going on.

    Though, I’m probably worse for publishing this and contributing the 25K views (as of this posting) the guy has on a video of Danzig suggesting someone punch him. C’est la vie. The internet will cannibalize itself.