Danny Brown Talks Dizzee Rascal, UK Grime & What He Looks For In A Girl

    “Ever been in love?”

    “Hell yeah.”

    This is Danny Brown‘s awesomely casual approach to interviews. Here he’s speaking with Kids of Grime, and the topics covered include what the Detroit rapper looks for in a woman (“I don’t like no uptight motherfucker”), the influence of Dizzee Rascal on his music and which U.K. artists he’d like to collaborate with, among several other things.

    Brown’s observation that 19 and 21-year-old girls just want to smoke weed and take pictures is pretty funny, and it’s no surprise after “Blueberry” that he wants to collab again with Darq E Freaker. He and the interviewer also play a game in the second half where Brown chooses his favorite grime beats. Watch the whole thing and enjoy below.