Danny Brown Speaks On Collaborating With The Avalanches

    The news surrounding the Avalanches second and insanely anticipated album continues to trickle out at a frustration-inducing rate. We previously reported that none other than our favorite rapper, Danny Brown, was set to appear on the record. And in an interview with Pitchfork, the sharp Detroit spitter revealed some details about how the collaboration got set up and what we can expect from it.

    “I did a new song on the album. It’s called ‘Frank Sinatra’,” he said. “They [the Avalanches] contacted my manager. I knew of them, but I can’t say I was that deep into their music. But I went back and studied it, and it’s just amazing. I am ecstatic about that shit.”

    He went on to say that “Frank Sinatra” features him just straight-up rapping over a slew of samples weaved together by the Avalanches. To say we’re looking forward to hearing this would be a massive understatement. [P4K]