Danny Brown Shares New Song “Kool Aid” for HBO’s “Silicon Valley”

    The vehement single will air on May 14th

    The HBO comedy series “Silicon Valley” has tapped Danny Brown to soundtrack the show with a frenetic new song, “Kool Aid.” The song will be a part of the show’s soundtrack, and it’s poised to debut in the upcoming May 14th episode this weekend. Brown is now among several other A-list artists that have contributed to the show, including Run The Jewels and God Speed! You Black Emperor.

    “Kool Aid” is the first track from the Detroit MC since his critically-acclaimed album Atrocity Exhibition dropped last fall. The track is led by an atonal electronic steel drum loop. Danny Brown’s aggressive, nasally flow is fully intact as he goes hard for the entire track, with just a short hook: “Get up out my Kool Aid / my Kool Aid!” “I can’t feel my face now / But I feel that bass now,” he spits overtop of an 808-heavy bass line and chaotic snares & hi-hats. The song is infectious in its rhythm and fiery flow, but the mood is manic and unsettling.

    In addition to Brown’s “Kool Aid,” a new song from Los Angeles rapper Old Man Saxon called “On My Own” featuring Mount Cyanide will be on the May 14th episode. The track is a sharp turn from Brown’s contribution — but both retain the same explicit, cynical energy.

    Mass Appeal Records will be releasing the “Silicon Valley” soundtrack this summer. It will also feature the epic Nas and DJ Shadow’s collaborative track “Systematic”. It’s fair to say “Silicon Valley” has one of the coolest soundtracks around. HBO describes the show as being about how “in the high-tech gold rush of modern Silicon Valley, the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success.”

    Brown recently released the Jonah Hill-directed video for Atrocity Exhibition cut “Ain’t It Funny.” The video depicts a bleak sitcom in which the rapper plays “Uncle Danny.”