Danny Brown Responds To YouTube Comments (Video)

    In June we posted a series of videos that saw Danny Brown and ASAP Rocky–who will tour together later this year–talk with one another about sex, drugs and a number of other important topics. We learned to not bring up old biographical information with the rappers, and now know how much Brown values critics’ reviews of his music.

    The videos were a hit on YouTube and received roughly 2,000 comments from the site’s users. In ‘The People vs. Danny Brown,’ the Detroit rapper tackles some of those comments, and his responses are pretty great. Don’t believe me? The first one goes, “Danny Brown seems like a guy that would fuck an obese chick,” to which he replies, “Well that’s kinda true. I have fucked an obese chick in my life and, you know, more cushion, kinda works out better.”

    You can watch the full clip below. [2DBZ]