Danny Boyle’s ‘Trainspotting’ Gets A Huge Sales Boost Following Olympics Opening Ceremony

    Whoever said the Olympics doesn’t help generate sales for the entertainment biz are greatly mistaken. On the heels of directing the opening ceremony extravaganza, which were an ode to British culture, director Danny Boyle has seen sales of his 1996 movie Trainspotting increase by a whopping 5,800 percent on Amazon following the director’s well-received Olympics Opening Ceremony production.

    If that weren’t enough for the director, since Friday, according to NME, Amazon has seen increased demand for DVDs and MP3s of Boyle’s entire back catalog, which includes The Beach, Sunshine and 127 Hours. Although Trainspotting is clearly the big winner in terms sales, Boyle’s 2008 Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire hasn’t done too bad either, with sales rising 900 percent.

    Let this be known to directors who are apprehensive about working with the Olympics: it’s very, very beneficial for your bank account to be a part of the spectacle.