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Daniel Lanois Stages Huge Outdoor Neil Young Exhibit In Toronto (Video)


Daniel Lanois clearly enjoyed collaborating with Neil Young on their new album together, Le Noise. The producer has taken his fascination with Young’s work to a whole new level since completing the recordings, and has staged an exhibit based around him in Toronto.


The video clip above shows some of the festivities, which were named Later That Night At the Drive-In and were created in honor of the Nuit Blanche organization in Toronto. It all took place outside the Toronto City Hall, where 12 film screens beamed concert footage and clips based around songs from Le Noise. As per Consequence of Sound, this is hard to describe in words, so just check out the clip above to experience what Lanois called “an enchanted forest of sound.”

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Daniel Lanois
Neil Young

The 12 hour show he put on , as part of the annual Nuit Blanche (an all night art "show/installation" throughout the city), was certainly not centered around Neil and Le Noise but rather included a few songs with video footage at midnight. The rest of the show (99% of the evening) had nothing to do with Le Noise!

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