Daniel Day-Lewis Texted His ‘Lincoln’ Co-stars In Character

    Most moviegoers know Daniel Day-Lewis as a brilliant actor who is intensely dedicated to his craft. That includes staying in character for long periods of time, even when texting.

    According to Time, during production on the upcoming film Lincoln, Day-Lewis would text co-star Sally Field, who plays Lincoln’s wife Mary Todd, as Abraham Lincoln himself. Field explained, “I’d hear that twinkle-twinkle on my phone, and he would have sent me some ridiculous limerick. He’d sign it, ‘Yours, A.'”

    Although President Lincoln himself didn’t text, and it would have been even more method to give up modern technology completely, no one can deny that Day-Lewis takes getting into character very seriously.

    In playing Lincoln, whose voice was not recorded, the challenge of inhabiting a character became that much more difficult, but Day-Lewis was up for the challenge. He sent director Steven Spielberg a tape recorder containing his idea of the president’s voice. Spielberg said, “I wanted that voice to read me a book. It came with a letter that said, ‘After you listen to this, would you ring me up and we’ll have a natter?’ I immediately got on the telephone and said, ‘Who is this?'”

    Those are just a few examples of Day-Lewis’s passionate acting technique, which is outlined in the extensive Time article. “Oscar buzz” is an understatement at this point. [Vulture]