Daniel Craig Thinks Rihanna Would Make A Better Bond Girl Than Beyoncé (Video)

    In an interview with Ben Lyons for Global Grind TV, Daniel Craig—a.k.a. Bond, James Bond beginning with 2006’s Casino Royale, currently in Skyfall—talks about the character, the world within the movie, and whether he’s ever felt like giving up the acting profession entirely. It’s standard press junket stuff, except for the last 30 seconds, when Lyons asks Craig who would make a better Bond Girl: Rihanna or Beyoncé. Both ladies have done movies before (though we’d be surprised if Daniel Craig ever sat down to watch Rihanna’s turn in Battleship), and Beyoncé has even played a parody Bond Girl in the third Austin Powers sequel. But Craig chooses Rihanna as the better Bond Girl of the two.

    “Why?” asks Ben Lyons. “She’s dirtier,” replies Craig, matter-of-factly. Watch the interview below.